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so frustrated.

so like i said, i didn’t workout yesterday bc i fainted. So i spent a large amount of the day resting/lying down. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling faintish and in pain. (does it make sense when i say i think i fainted in bed….like i was trying to sleep, would black out…then wake up shaky like i do when i faint….idk it was weird. anyways, popped some vitamins and ibuprofen and went back to sleep).

today, i woke up stiff and in a lot of pain, yet somehow forced myself to limp around at the dog park w/ my dad. Came home and rested an hour, then went on a 17.35 mile bike ride in 1:06:33. Not what I originally planned, but the 17 mph headwinds combined w/ the slight stiffness…yah 20+ just wasn’t gonna happen.

it is annoying how i’ll feel fine one day and then in excruciating pain the next, then fine by the evening, then stiff again. I just want to know what the back pain is.


Nestled in the Woods (by Brian Powers Photographer)


*doesn’t have internet access for a week*


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Like a Bengal Tiger waiting to pounce. It’s on….

adidas Pre



The #city of #dreams #newyork newyorker newyorkisforlovers

It’s insane that so many people live cramped together on that tiny island

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